Le Birre alla Spina


Scotch Ale

In the south of Scotland there is a great barley that is well suited to be malted to make beer.
Hops, however, at those latitudes refuses to grow. The harsh climate requires that beverages be warmer, 
so historically it was taxed the quantity of used hops  (Imported by English neighbors, far from being considered friends), while  there weren’t tax on the maltThese factors led to favor the production and consumption of beers less bitter and slightly flavored by hops, well-structured and decidedly oriented towards the malt.
Our “Celtic Richard” with 7.2 percent alcohol, has a flavor profile dominated by the notes expressed by a complex mixture of malts and the typical fruity scents released during fermentation by a Scottish native yeast strain.

ALC. 7,2%
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, hops and yeast