Le Birre alla Spina


Keller Pils

Produce by following the Bavarian method, personalizing it with the use of the dry-hopping technique which gives the strength and character that you want to be our guide and still inspire the Italian handicrafts.
We mash  in decoction, fermented at very low temperatures, we transfer and mature for a long time; all this attention give us security and leaves us with serenity our hand approaching the glass.
The olfactory impact is of great intensity. Such elegance expresses the personality and the class of varieties of hops by German aroma.
After the first feeling, which reveals the nobility of hops with penetrating scents of fresh grass, resin and balsamic, arrives, in a second moment, a faint hint of malt to enrich and round.
In the mouth, the beer has a medium body, it is of decisive carbonation and presents a dry finish.

ALC. 5,1%
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, hops and yeast