Le Birre alla Spina


Double Decoction Bock

The Oktoberfest beers are merely feigned, perfectly balanced where the malted barley wants to be heard and give away all its goodness.
To express typicality, and especially that drinkability thrill that distinguishes them, they require to be produced with special methods.
Thanks to our incredible system we used the difficult technique of decoction (Zweimaishverfahren) in step mashing to extract all the character of the malt used.
We might just be the only ones to produce beer with double decoction in Italy and we wanted to, with the name “Double Decoction OktoberBest”, pay tribute to this incredible mashing technique that historically has led the round beers and malted in Monaco in every corner of world.
Matured and refined for 7 weeks at 0 ° C as a sign of respect for these unforgettable products.

ALC. 5,6%
INGREDIENTI Water, barley malt, hops and yeast